Installment Payments for Travelers Introduced by UATP, Uplift

Installment Payments for Travelers

Installment payments for travelers will make it much easier and more convenient for people to pay for their travel plans. By partnering with Uplift, the UATP network of airlines will allow passengers to pay for their travel tickets in easy and flexible installments.

UATP is used by airlines, rail and travel agency payments all over the world and some of its noteworthy users include American, Delta, and Air Canada. By connecting these travel payments with an installment plan will not only motivate more travelers to use their system, but also increase the adoption rate of this method.

Uplift and UATP are collaborating to enable a seamless and transparent implementation of Uplift Pay Monthly on the UATP Network — delivering instant ROI.

Brian Barth, Uplift CEO and founder

Travel payments are a huge industry and many companies are beginning to realize that as is evident from the slew of partnerships doing the rounds, for example, Visa and Sabre recently patnerd up to facilitae payments.

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